Oregon Crossings


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Name County USGS Topo Map
Anderson Crossing Malheur Guadalupe Meadows
Barnhart Interchange Umatilla Barnhart
Benson Interchange Baker Olds Ferry
Bradeen Crossing Harney Tombstone Canyon
Deacon Crossing Malheur Deacon Crossing
Echo Interchange Umatilla Nolin
Flag Crossing Malheur Guadalupe Meadows
French Junction Douglas Fish Creek Desert
Glover Interchange Union Kamela SE
Interchange 1 Multnomah Portland
Interchange 10 Clackamas Oregon City
Interchange 10 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 11 Clackamas Gladstone
Interchange 12A Clackamas Gladstone
Interchange 12B Clackamas Gladstone
Interchange 13 Clackamas Gladstone
Interchange 13 Multnomah Camas
Interchange 14 Clackamas Gladstone
Interchange 14 Multnomah Camas
Interchange 16 Multnomah Gladstone
Interchange 16 Multnomah Camas
Interchange 17 Multnomah Gladstone
Interchange 17 Multnomah Camas
Interchange 19 Multnomah Gladstone
Interchange 2 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 20 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 21A Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 21B Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 22 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 23A and 23B Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 24 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 283 Clackamas Sherwood
Interchange 286 Washington Sherwood
Interchange 288 Washington Sherwood
Interchange 289 Washington Beaverton
Interchange 290 Washington Lake Oswego
Interchange 291 Washington Lake Oswego
Interchange 292A Washington Lake Oswego
Interchange 292B Washington Lake Oswego
Interchange 293 Washington Lake Oswego
Interchange 294 Multnomah Lake Oswego
Interchange 295 Multnomah Lake Oswego
Interchange 296A Multnomah Lake Oswego
Interchange 296B Multnomah Lake Oswego
Interchange 297 Multnomah Lake Oswego
Interchange 298 Multnomah Lake Oswego
Interchange 299A Multnomah Portland
Interchange 299B Multnomah Portland
Interchange 3 Clackamas Canby
Interchange 3 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 300 Multnomah Portland
Interchange 300B Multnomah Portland
Interchange 301 Multnomah Portland
Interchange 302A Multnomah Portland
Interchange 302B Multnomah Portland
Interchange 302C Multnomah Portland
Interchange 303 Multnomah Portland
Interchange 304 Multnomah Portland
Interchange 305A and 305B Multnomah Portland
Interchange 306A Multnomah Portland
Interchange 306B Multnomah Portland
Interchange 307 Multnomah Portland
Interchange 308 Multnomah Portland
Interchange 4 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 5 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 6 Clackamas Canby
Interchange 6 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 7 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Interchange 8 Clackamas Oregon City
Interchange 9 Clackamas Oregon City
Interchange 9 Multnomah Mount Tabor
Lower Crossing Big Antelope Creek Malheur Drummond Basin
REW Interchange Umatilla Nolin
The Big Horse Trails Malheur Rufino Butte
The Indian Trails Malheur Rufino Butte
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