Oregon Rapids


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Name County USGS Topo Map
Alum Bed Rapids Wallowa Temperance Creek
Andys Rapids Union Elgin
Argo Riffle Josephine Galice
Armedio Riffle Josephine Galice
Auberry Riffle Curry Soldier Camp Mountain
Bacon Flat Riffle Curry Quosatana Butte
Battle Bar Riffle Curry Kelsey Peak
Bean Riffle Curry Agness
Bear Creek Rapids Wallowa Deadhorse Ridge
Bear Riffle Curry Agness
Beaver Eddy Clatsop Hamlet
Bedrock Riffle Josephine Wilderville
Big Boulder Rapids Curry Kelsey Peak
Big Eddy Gilliam Esau Canyon
Big Fish Riffle Curry Quosatana Butte
Big Slide Riffle Josephine Bunker Creek
Billings Rapids Curry Illahe
Blossom Bar Rapids Curry Marial
Boiler Riffle Curry Agness
Brushy Bar Riffle Curry Marial
Brushy Chutes Josephine Wilderville
Burkhart Rapids Douglas Garden Valley
Burnt Rapids Curry Illahe
Butterfield Riffle Lincoln Mowrey Landing
Canfield Riffle Curry Signal Buttes
Chair Riffle Josephine Galice
Chiloquin Rapids Klamath Chiloquin
China Bar Rapids Curry Marial
China Bar Rapids Wallowa Temperance Creek
China Gulch Rapids Josephine Mount Reuben
Churchill Rapids Douglas Tyee
Clackamas Rapids Clackamas Oregon City
Clarno Rapids Wheeler Clarno
Clay Hill Rapids Curry Marial
Cleveland Rapids Douglas Garden Valley
Cliff Mountain Rapids Wallowa Squirrel Prairie
Coal Riffle Curry Quosatana Butte
Coffeepot Curry Marial
Combs Riffle Curry Soldier Camp Mountain
Coral Creek Reef Wallowa Kirkwood Creek
Cottonwood Rapids Wallowa Lord Flat
Coyote Riffle Curry Signal Buttes
Crooked Riffle Curry Agness
Crow Rapids Douglas Garden Valley
Davis Rapids Lane Mapleton
Devils Stairs Curry Marial
Dry Creek Rapids Wallowa Wolf Creek
Dulog Riffle Josephine Kelsey Peak
Dunbar Riffle Curry Agness
Dunn Riffle Josephine Galice
Eagle Nest Rapids Wallowa Old Timer Mountain
Ennis Riffle Josephine Galice
Everton Riffle Josephine Wilderville
Fish Eddy Clackamas Canby
Foster Rapids Curry Illahe
Galice Riffle Josephine Galice
Gillespie Riffle Curry Signal Buttes
Grave Creek Riffle Josephine Mount Reuben
Half Moon Riffle Curry Marial
Hardy Riffle Jackson Gold Hill
Hawkins Riffle Curry Signal Buttes
Hayes Eddy Curry Quosatana Butte
Hellion Rapids Lincoln Hellion Rapids
Hells Canyon Rapids Wallowa Squirrel Prairie
High Bar Rapids Wallowa Temperance Creek
Hominy Creek Rapids Wallowa Temperance Creek
Horse Sign Creek Rapids Curry Horse Sign Butte
Hotel Riffle Curry Agness
Hurricane Rapids Wallowa Chief Joseph Mountain
Hutton Gulch Rapids Wallowa Temperance Creek
Illahe Riffle Curry Illahe
Island Rapids Curry Kelsey Peak
Jennings Riffle Curry Brushy Bald Mountain
Jimmy Davis Riffle Curry Signal Buttes
Johns Riffle Curry Kelsey Peak
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